“Dark pop imbued with hopes and dreams. Soothing synths, uplifting beats and a fragile voice.”

The Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter Nadie Reyhani slots into the same type of pop genre as artists like Lykke Li, Tsar B and Sylvie Kreusch. Born in the Netherlands, as the daughter of the Dutch singer Nadieh, Nadie Reyhani was no stranger to studios and radio stations when she was growing up. She started to write her own songs at a young age and released two EPs when she was in her twenties. In 2012, she released a debut album ‘Soon’.

Nadie Reyhani’s new songs describe a dreamy world full of escapism and wonders. Balancing on the thin line between fantasy and fiction, her songs reflect her Persian roots and combine her love of the sounds of the 80s with new wave and electronic influences. Her music is reminiscent of Arabian Nights, as directed by David Lynch: mysterious, magical and unconventional. It creates a sense of foreboding and of being lost in time, which contrasts with clear and hopeful tones.